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A Film Crew Base Camp is any place where the trucks and trailers of each department are parked and usually the same place they have breakfast and lunch. The types of equipment and vehicles in a base camp are Star Wagons, Cast trailers, Hair and Make-up trailers, Wardrobe trailers, and Honey Wagons/bathrooms and Catering set up for cast and crew.

Our Services
Find Crew Parking Lot


Find Availability on your shoot day

$80 per Film Location

Film Crew Basecamps


Reserve a Basecamp today

$300 per Film Location

*Includes Research Fee

Starwagons Film Crew Basecamp

Booking Multiple Lots

We will reserve multiple lots and get you the lowest rates with each vendor

$200 per Location or

10% Booking Fee

*Includes Research Fee


Production Parking Lots

Reserve and Book any size Lot


$300 per Film Location

*Includes Research Fee

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